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I just read an interesting blog while I was worrying about why my blog didn’t seem to attract a lot of views. The blog asked the question, “What is your blog about?” One of the first things it said was that the about page should not be about yourself but about the blog. My about page was essentially a rather boring autobiography.

I thought, “What is my blog about?” A lot of things was my first thought, but then I reconsidered. That isn’t very specific really. So I asked myself, What is it really about?  I think maybe I have come up with some answers.

The first thing I need to tell you is that I suffer from bipolar 2, and to add to that, let me say that even though it is bipolar 2, it does not mean that it is less trouble than bipolar 1, which is the one most people hear about. Most people who suffer from bipolar one can do really crazy, life-threating actions if they don’t take appropriate medication. This is mainly because of the mania they experience.

Now, bipolar 2 sufferers don’t have the crazy mania that bipolar one sufferers have but instead have hypomania, which is shorter, less severe cycles of mania. However, bipolar 2 sufferers tend to skew toward the depression side of bipolar. This is me. (Or if you’re a grammar fanatic; this is I.)

Aside from the depression, I suffer from a common syndrome: scattered thinking. I have trouble focusing and often find myself in a catch-22 situation. (Read the novel; it’s great.) We bipolar 2 people frequently have delusions of grandeur, meaning we think we are a lot greater than what we are.

I began my life thinking of myself as a probable great writer, but have since discovered I am basically a legend only in my own mind. One of my problems, a really big obstacle in my becoming a great author is that I have a terribly difficult time focusing. For me to get anything completed is a minor miracle. Obviously, you can see potential problems with the content I write.

And obviously, I am beginning to write a boring autobiography so I will cease my digression. My blog reflects my scattered mind. I might write about anything, but I tend to write more about these topics: depression; common sense advice; my writing, of course; my faith; day-to-day events that impact me; my opinions about a lot of things, including arts and entertainment and the St. Louis Cardinals; and other scattered, bipolar 2 thoughts.

I’d like for you to follow my blog, read it, and let me know what you like and don’t like. In the meantime, I will continue to write scattered thoughts. I’m sorry, but that’s the best I can do.

“He not busy being born in busy dying,” Bob Dylan.




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