I’ve got the I don’t know what the heck I am doing blues — oh yeah.

I am going to publish this blog entry in just a moment, and I have to idea where it’s going to show up because I don’t know what the heck I am doing.  I just wanted to talk about writing for a moment. I write plays and YA novels.  I also want to write — correction– actually sell screenplay, because I already write them.  I’ve had some plays published and produced, but I’ve never sold a screenplay.  Ironton, MO, is not Hollywood.  You would probably realize that just by looking at it, but the fact that it was about zero with a windchill of ten below this morning might also give it away.  I would live in California for a while to make the connections to sell my screenplay but so far I haven’t even had anything close enough to a sale to make a trip.  I mean, I have had some decent finishes in screenplay competitions, and some good coverage, but nothing that says, “Go west young man; find a producer.”

currently, I am publishing a YA novel called Fall of Knight.  It’s freaky because it deals with mental illness.  I am mentally ill, bipolar to be exact.  So I know what I am talking about.  I will post excerpts from time to time when my publishing team thinks the time is right.  I’m also currently marketing a play about bullying and teen suicide. My own school won’t let me produce it despite the fact that some professionals have said it is very good and NEEDS to be done.  For now, here’s a little visual clue to let you in on one of the mysterious aspects of my YA novel.



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