Art and Music

As I am with most things, I know just enough about art and music to be dangerous.  I will tell you however what I like. In art, I am drawn to two styles.  I love impressionism. The soft colors and the real emotions they evoke in me without being a completely realistic painting are strong ones. I can look at an impressionistic painting and immediately feel calmed.  But, I also like surrealistic painting.  It would be so cool to write a book one day and have a surrealistic artist illustrate it. I have a link at the top of this blog that has some of the most interesting art work I have ever seen.  I know surrealism isn’t for everyone, but I sure like it. I don’t like it when people misuse the word surrealism, but that a story for a whole different day.

With music, it would be impossible to say what my favorites are. I listen to everything. When I was younger, it was only rock and progressive rock.  I can remember Bachman Turner Overdrive as being one of my favorite bands.  Throughout most of my life when I wanted to write, I would put on my headphones and listen to Pink Floyd. Nowadays, I love anything. On my playlists, you will find everything from Beyonce and Abba to Led Zeppelin and Nine Inch Nails.


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