Random Cross “bits and bytes”

Well, I think I have gotten my act together for my online book release party tonight. I came up with some really good trivia questions to use for prizes. I tried not to be too obscure but I wanted them to be challenging.  People will probably think I’m a bit deranged because of the questions I came up with: Movies, mental illness, music, and the ST. Louis Cardinals.  I did give good hints though.

This week will be full of dress rehearsals for North County’s play.  I’m assisting the director.  The school didn’t let us do the one we wanted to do, but the one she selected is a good one.  I’d like to write one like it one day.  I have published a few plays.  It’s kind of funny.  Last night, I dreamed that our bosses made our drama director cry, and I cussed them out so badly that i was fired.  I hope that dream is not prophetic. I only have one more year before I can retire.

I don’t know how long it will stay there, but Fall of Knight broke into the top 100 in one category of YA for paperback sales.  It’s the first time it’s done that.  I don’t mind that because the royalties are higher for paperback, and my whole team will make more money.  What a team I have.  Love you Vanya, Bethany, and Greg!  I can’t wait to do it again.

The Cardinals have begun their season.  So far they are 1 and 2. I think they will have a good year this year and go into the playoffs again, but I don’t know if they will have enough guns to win a world series.  I might be wrong.  They might not make it to the playoffs or they might win the world series.  I like the team.

I need to read a good book.  I have been too busy to read lately between school and other activities. Reading a good novel is just like going to the well and taking a drink of icy cold water.  You don’t know how parched you are until you get that drink.

I picked up some new music lately.  I ordered Mark Knopfler’s new album, Brandi Carlile’s new album, and an old one from the 70’s Bachman Turner Overdrive and one by just one of the Bachman’s called Heavy Blues. I can’t wait to listen.


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