Please, give me some more drama

Have I told you how much I love drama.  In fact, I create it. I have overseen it. I have witnessed it. I have encouraged it. Drama helped me bust out of my fragile shell when I was in college.  In case, you’re wondering, I’m talking about theater.  I’m helping our school’s drama director with her spring play right now.  It’s called Senior Superlatives, and it is about the typical high school experience, something I love to read and write about.  The performances are this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to them. I think the kids will nail it.

One of the biggest reasons I like drama is that I can see how positively it affects teens.  I’ve seen kids absolutely blossom on the stage and find their confidence and their voice.  There is nothing more incredible than to be a witness to that.  I know from personal experience that it was drama that actually broke me out of my shell more than anything else did too.  In college, I played Reverend Thwackum in my college’s drama production. It was an incredible thrill.

I later went on to write and direct plays at schools where I teach.  My greatest thrill as a director was doing The Crucible one year.  Still one of my favorite plays.  I also have written some plays, one of which, Haunted Hamlet, is still performed a couple of times every year. I’ve been in a couple other plays too, one in which I sang on stage.  That was fun. Fortunately, for myself and my crowd I didn’t have to sing alone and I didn’t have to sing for long.  The play was not a horror story.

Still, though, the most incredible thing to me is seeing a teenager find him or herself on stage.  I’ve seen it this year already.  I’ve seen it time and time before this year, and I’ll see it again next year when I help with the play for my last time before I retire from teaching.  So, damn straight, give me the drama. Open up the curtains and get the show on the road.


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