The Voice

I am a fan of the television show, The Voice.  On Mondays, my wife teaches a night class, and I can watch whatever I want on television. I frequently choose The Voice.  I love seeing the talent and the variety of musical styles on the show. My favorite is a guy named Sawyer who is kind of a folkie, singer-songwriter type. He’s also about 16 or 17. Just another example of what young people can do if given the chance.  There’s another girl who is 17. She has one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard.

Today was the first day in a while that I felt like was pretty much my own.  I spent seven hours grading a pile of research papers this past weekend. Actually, just the first few pages of a research paper.  I wanted to make sure my students had the right idea about what they were doing. My goal is to ward off any major problems before they become irreversible. Today, I did not really have any papers to grade, so I typed on the sequel to my novel. I’m getting ready to work on a key scene, and I have to approach it delicately.

If this blog is a bit disjointed, I apologize.  I’m watching the television show The Night Shift too.  It’s really a good one also.  I have a fondness for ensemble type pieces, and this show is one of those.  I like ensemble movies and books too.  As exciting as it is to have a major character, it is just as fun to have several to choose from. If I could write good ensemble pieces I would.

Well, my mind is wandering, so I will sign off for now.  I think my ADD is kicking in, and I am not able to concentrate at the moment.



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