Week from Hades

Last week was the week from Hades. I am — I’m  not sure if fortunate is the right word or not — to have almost all seniors in my classroom.  I teach dual-enrollment classes. In other words, all of my classes can be taken for college credit through our local community college. It provides a great opportunity. Having seniors is both good and bad. First the good news is that the seniors actually get out a week or two before the rest of the school so that means I have a lot of time to do end of year school stuff before I check out for the summer.

The bad news is that senioritis kicked it about two months ago.  I can relate, but at the same time, since I teach college classes, my assignments are challenging right up to the last moment of the school year, and there are also criteria I must meet for the community college.  One of those criterion is the dreaded research paper for my composition two class. The universe converged to make my last week with seniors a dreadfully busy one.

I spend 10 to 15 minutes per research paper on grading, and I have 40 students. You can do the math to see how long it takes me to grade papers. I was trying to grade those papers, plus, I also had to give senior finals early.  I had to give senior finals on Wednesday and Thursday, and all of my senior grades had to be finalized by three o’clock on Thursday. To make the seemingly impossible even more seemingly impossible if that makes sense, we were required to go to an awards assembly on Monday night, and I had late bus duty all week.

I tried to make myself small in the back row of the auditorium during the awards assembly, and I graded research papers the entire time.  I did stop long enough to give full attention to the English awards because I had given several of them. Only one thing saved me. It is custom for our school to let out all of the seniors the last hour of their last day to go stand in the cafeteria and count down the end of the day and throw confetti all over the place.  Usually, I get to see this extravaganza every year, but this year, I took the time to finish putting all of my grades into the grade book. I made the deadline, but just barely.

On Thursday night, I went home, collapses on the couch, and napped for an hour.


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