A Nice Review for FOK

I want to thank Nina, who is a Goodreads Librarian, for the following remarks. You can read her full review on Goodreads. I want to thank her also for her 5 star rating.  With the exception of just two ratings on Amazon, Fall of Knight has gotten either a four or a five in every other place including Barnes And Noble and Goodreads.

…I found myself struggling: It’s dark and sometimes upsetting, yet I couldn’t put it down! Cross had clearly a good insight which he brilliantly shared with the reader and digs deeper than anybody has done before in a Young Adult book. You don’t just read it, you FEEL it! Forget John Green (no offence!), Cross is “the next new thing”!

It is a constant struggle to keep your book in the spotlight.  Mine bounces in and out of the top 100 all the time. I have had one book signing. I am going to do another in a town nearby, and I am also trying to arrange one with the Barnes and Noble in Cape Girardeau.  We just concluded a giveaway on Goodreads.  I’m not sure who has won it yet, but as soon as I get some books that I’ve ordered, I will be sending that off.

Marketing doesn’t ever really end. But as always, I know that the real marketers are my fans, if there are any out there, people who have read the book, think that it has something important to say, and are willing to pass the news along.  I thank you.


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