Still dreaming

One of my goals for retirement was taking the time to write a lot more and earn some extra income to supplement my retirement. I’ve had some plays published, but they don’t make a lot of money from year to year.  I’ve been trying to sell a couple YA novels,  but I’m still playing the waiting game with agents. I even self published a children’s novel, one that I have been talking about on here a lot. I know people looks askance at self published writers and make snide comments about how they couldn’t get a real publisher. I understand that, but self publishing is an interesting possibility when you have a niche market or you are writing on a topic of limited scope. I have written (and even published it once) a horror novel that has a Christian message without being preachy. If there is ever a niche book, Christian horror would be one. As far as I know,  Frank Peretti is the only Christian horror novelist who has had a lot of success. It’s a thought. I’ll keep you updated.


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