Beautiful Day

This evening as the sun was about to set, my wife and I were sitting on our deck. I think it got to near 70. I was sitting sipping on my coffee and Jean, her tea. Our faithful hound, “Pscyho dog” sat by our side — never mind that we had to drag her out of her dog house because she’s weird and wants to spend her entire life hiding. We finally got her to where we can keep her untied without her hiding under the deck and only coming out when we feed her. We just have to get her to where she will come out of her doghouse whenever we call her. I did find one way to get to Psycho Dog’s heart. She loves to be brushed. It was funny; we took her down in the yard — we have a big fenced-in back yard — and she ran and played like a little puppy. I swear she never gets out.   This is a huge breakthrough for “psycho dog”.

I went to see my Clearwater ITV group today and helped them with their papers. I truly enjoyed meeting them.  It’s nice to see their faces and to be in the actual classroom with them rather than to look at them through a television screen. Jean and I made a trip to Farmington after we left Clearwater, and we ate out at Pasta House. I hadn’t had Pasta House since we left Ironton. It was good.

It was just a simple day, but days full of simple pleasures are wonderful days.


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