Looking Back

If you spend too much time looking back into your life, you will not see your future slip by. #crossbyte

Bob Seger, who is my favorite performer, has a song about looking back. “Too many people looking back.”  Does this describe you? I know it describes me; I also know now how much I’ve regretted too much looking back.

I guess I need to give you a little background here. I write crossbytes. These are little sayings I make up that I have used in the past to inspire the students in my classroom. It all began as a simple game for me. One year as my seniors were beginning the countdown to graduation, I started putting up a different crossbyte for each day until the last one. I would put the number of days left in the year, and under that I would put my crossbyte. I have written hundreds of them over the years — in at least the last 10-12 years. I forget when I started.  The one above is from 2011.  They’re designed to be inspirational. I guess in some way I want to influence the future. Most of the time though the crossbyte I write comes directly out of my own experience.

The one above is a perfect example. I woke up one day and realized I was in my 50’s. I’m 58 now, and I realize that I had been carrying grudges my entire life. I’ve been bullied, ridiculed, cheated, and humiliated in my lifetime like so many other people, but there are always a few that really hurt badly, ones that you will never forget. I can remember a couple things my “friends” did that I wouldn’t do to my enemy. And the thing is that no matter how much time passed, I wasn’t able to let some of that stuff go. One day, I came to realize that holding a grudge was not weighing the other person down, just me.

We can’t dwell in the past all the time or before we know it we will be far into the future. I know. I’ve been there. Learn from your past, enjoy some of the memories that are there, but don’t let the past eat up your life until you don’t have any left.

I don’t know if anyone will read this or not, but I came to the conclusion the other day that one of the main reasons I want to write is that I have some things I want to tell people. I hope you’ll consider this blog and decide that maybe it’s time to let go so that you can go on.

I’m still writing some, but I’ve recently read a life-changing book that has given me pause, made me take time to think about what my writing is and what it should be. I still want you to buy my stuff when I put it out there, but that’s not the main reason I’m writing this blog anymore.

To purchase Walt Michaels is a Weenie, click here.

Ironically, Walt Michaels is a Weenie is a book about the past.


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