We’re all a little crazy (Need help with a Fall of Knight Rewrite)

For those of you who were fans of Fall of Knight, I have a request. I’m going to rewrite the books. I’m changing to a rotating viewpoint and making some other changes that I think will really make the book interesting to a new publisher.  This is only the first page, but it gives you an idea of some of the changes you might see. I also plan to do the next book with a revolving point of view like you see in so many YA books.

Fall of Knight

Dean Knight Chapter 1

“All of us are crazy; some of us are just medicated.”


Or in my case, shocked. I cut a lot because I can control it, and it clears my head. This last time I cut a little too far. I just kind of lost myself, watching it until the blood kept coming faster … and faster…

I nearly died. Now this. Imagine the scene.

            Dean Knight, 17 hospital gown letting in enough air to freeze his … as two doctors wheel him down an aisle toward the shock shop.

            Electrodes are attached to his head.

            It’s called Electro Convulsive Therapy, a kind of a last-ditch attempt to help crazy people like Dean. Sometimes it helps when nothing else does. Sometimes it doesn’t.

            White coat one says, “You’ll be sedated. You won’t feel a thing.”

            Dean says, “So let me get this straight. You’ll be giving me a convulsion – on purpose – that will help me to get over the depression. You mind telling me what else electrical jolts going through your head does?”

            White coat two says, “Side effects differ. The most common ones are confusion, a loss of memory.”

            Dean says, “That might not be such a bad thing.”

            White coat one says, “It’s almost always temporary.”

            They wheel Dean into a room whose coldness only adds more discomfort to Dean’s buttcheeks.

            “So how many times do I have to get this stuff done?” Dean asks though he’s almost too groggy too talk.

            “Three times a week for four weeks,” white coat one says.

            “Do you have any questions before we put you under?” white coat two asks.

            “Is it too late to change my mind?” Dean asks and giggles.

            The anesthesiologist says, “I want you to count to ten backwards.”

            Dean giggles, thinking this is pretty stupid. “10 … 9 … 8 …”

             A while later I wake up and don’t know where the heck I am, who the heck I am, nor do I remember anything that has happened to me. I also have a splitting headache and my jaw hurts. I’ve had blackouts from drinking before, but this is not like anything I have ever experienced in my life.

My first ECT treatment. Dr. King, my psychiatrist tells me that it is probably my first step out of the hell my life has been. Dr. King is stupid.


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