Deliver Us from Evil Part 2

May your life be filled with friends. May your friends be filled with love. And may your love be emptied on others.

The paperback version of Deliver Us from Evil happened more quickly than I expected. Below is a link that you can use to order it. I set the price at $6.99, and I hope that isn’t too high. I’m proud to say that the ebook version is #20 in one category on Amazon.  Of course, I realize it could sell one or two copies to put it up there, but after only a day or two, that is an encouraging start.

I’m not going to beg anyone to buy a copy of my book, but I do encourage you to check it out. Also check out Walt Michaels Is a Weenie.  Though not a Christian book, it is a family friendly, humorous juvenile book — I’d classify it as a middle reader.

My religious faith is different from other people’s I think. Whenever I have a question about my faith, I remind myself of the greatest commandment. Love God; love your neighbor; love yourself.  I also believe that people do not have nearly the amount of free will they think they do.

But, this is not to talk to you about my philosophies. I just wanted to let you know the paperback was available. Thank you for your support.

Link to paperback version of Deliver Us from Evil


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