Wishes wither without hope and hope dies without plans, and plans fail without action.


Deliver Us from Evil: ebook link

Deliver us from Evil: paperback link

Do I dare? Do I dare hope? Do I have dreams and wishes even at my age? I guess the answer is yes. I have wished to be an author for a long time.  Well, I have been an author for the most part for a long time, but I haven’t been greatly successful. I have trouble pulling together plans which will give me the best chance to succeed, and when I do have a plan, I don’t usually have a lot of patience with it.  I also have to admit that there are many times when I am so frozen by fear of failure or the paralysis that comes from waiting for something — something I can’t even begin to identify — that I don’t do much of anything. This has been my writing career.

Recently, however, I sat down and came up with a final, and I think, workable, plan. I won’t bore you with all the details, but it involves a series of steps, one of which I have already completed, that is designed to make my inaction, action; my inertia, motion. It started with trying to write another play. I wrote what I thought was a good one-act, but I wrote it with the decision made that if I did not publish it, then I would not write another one. It has been rejected, so I have decided that I will waste no more time writing plays. I’ve had several published, but not for a long time. It really isn’t my thing anymore, and I’ve lost the knack for it.

I also decided that I would experiment with independent publishing.  This is the step I am currently on. I started with Walt Michaels Is a Weenie, which sold some copies, but not many except when I put it on sale. After several things happened to influence me, I decided my next indie publication would be a Christian horror novel for young adults. Deliver Us from Evil is its name. The links to order the paperback and the ebook are above.

While the paperback has not done well, the ebook has stayed in the top 30 in one category of Amazon since it came out. That gives me a little hope.  It has climbed up to number 11 at one time. I do realize that with the way Amazon does its categories that one or two sales can make your book jump up several spots, but I am keeping up with daily sales. In a couple of weeks I get my first royalty check.  While I don’t think it will be much, it will be something.  In the meantimes, I have other things that I want to try with Indie publishing.

In my plan of action this is the step where I am currently engaging most of my time. My plan also includes writing a screenplay of a book I’ve written with the express purpose of smoothing the book out. I have a YA thriller I’m working on which is my pet project. I am giving myself plenty of time, and I am approaching it calmly with a sense of purpose. My overall goal is to sell a three book series with my characters. If the screenplay and the book do not succeed, then I will most likely give up my writing altogether and enjoy the time with my granddaughter.

There are times when plans don’t succeed and you have to step back and say, “Enough is enough.”  However, you have to try to work the plan first.


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