Get What You Need


Instead of being ungrateful because you do not get all you want, be grateful you don’t get all you deserve.

It’s easy to forget to be grateful for who and what you have, for what people have done for you, for the gifts and talents that you possess. We are, honestly, entitled to nothing even though we think we deserve all we can get. I say we should be grateful that we don’t get all we deserve because no one is “good.” Some people are just less bad than others.

The next time you start to think too highly of yourself, remember the people you have hurt, the lies you have told, and the plans you have botched. While some of us get mad because we don’t get some gadget or toy that we want, other people starve to death or die in political upheavals and war.

If you have a source of income, a place to live, food to eat, and friends and family, you need to take the time to give thanks for them. It’s more than what we deserve.

I’m a fan of the Rolling Stones and I always think about the lyric to their song. “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you can get what you need.”

If you have what you need, be grateful. Stephen Crane wrote a poem once in which a guy goes up to nature and says, “Sir, I exist.” Nature replies, “That may be true, but it creates in me no sense of obligation whatsoever.”  Think about that the next time you think some one owes you something.

I have some writing news to report. I took some time to develop my Amazon author’s page.

Steve Cross Author’s Page

I also did some revision of Deliver Me from Evil and developed a paperback version of Walt Michaels is a Weenie. If you buy a copy of the paperback Deliver Us from Evil, you can get the kindle for 99 cents.

Paperback Version of Walt Michaels Is a Weenie.

You can order either or both versions of Deliver Us from Evil here:

Deliver Us from Evil


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