We can change the world.


Conformists are not the people who change the world.

This is probably my favorite crossbyte of all time. It came to me pretty easily, so I hope it’s not just something I have read somewhere.  If it is, I apologize. I am not against tradition, but I am against pigheaded stubbornness in clinging to old ideas that make no sense to cling to anymore. I am one of those people who believe in individual rights. You have the right to say what you want to, to marry whom you want to, and other rights that people don’t agree with — as long as you don’t restrict or damage another individual’s rights. Even then there are shades of gray. Abortion is a perfect example. The whole argument depends on when life begins. I finally came to grips with my own views, but I don’t intend to force them on someone else. Instead of arguing whether abortion is right or wrong, let’s make birth control easily available to whoever wants it. If unwanted pregnancies no longer become a problem, then abortion is no longer a problem.

But anyway, I am straying from the subject. Sometimes there is a need to look at an issue or problem with a fresh perspective. If we keep looking at existence the same way everyone else looks at existence, then it will never change. It takes someone who thinks out of the box to initiate change. I know that not all change is good, but not all traditions are either. We must move on or we will die out. And if we were all honest, we would have to admit that those people who are slightly out there — so far out of our boxes that we don’t understand them — are the ones who lead us forward. I am not one of those people. I am too afraid to stray too far outside my box, but I greatly admire those who can and do. I used to say in another one of my crossbytes, that if we don’t allow ourselves to break down our walls, that we will suffocate in our own waste.

Unfortunately, it seems that society looks down on those who see things differently. We think they are wrong or weird or peculiar.  We bully them and try to pummel them into submission and sometimes we do that. I always wonder how much we lose when we force someone to conform. Thank God that we do have some people who rise above the bullying who continue to be themselves and who lead us into making the kinds of changes that benefit all of us.

I’m not sure why this topic came to my mind today. I think it may have something to do with the frustration I have felt lately in my writing. I’m getting to where I just don’t enjoy it very much, and I think the reason why I don’t enjoy it much is that I’ve gotten into a rut. I’ve become a conformist with my writing, and no one wants to read it. I don’t know though if this is the case. I could just be frustrated.

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  1. See you taught this old dog. A new trick today. I never even seen these cross blog or WordPress. That’s why if you can read Thank the Teacher if you can read in the darkness Thank the Electrician. It’s all about perspective. You write on brother and I may suggest a new topic. Grandparenting 101. The life and times of a new Grandpa. I only Facebook so if you would not of put a link to here. I would of never heard of it. That might be a problem for more people then me also.


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