Not with a bang but a whimper

The best way to destroy the world is to get people so involved with petty arguments that they no longer notice true misery.

People think I’m stupid. I know that. They mistake stupidity for quiet pondering. I will never be the one who yells in an argument — well, almost never. I don’t attack people with whom I disagree with strings of profanity because unlike some people I have better weapons. In fact, if I do dispute with someone, I will do my best to be a gentleman about it, and I don’t resort to slander. God knows I’m not perfect, but I do my best to keep myself under control. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve just completely lost it and screamed.  I didn’t like that me at all. I also don’t like it when people lash out at me in a similar manner. In fact, for the first time that I can remember, I blocked someone because of the way they addressed some other people. I don’t think it was directed specifically at me, but it was definitely aimed in my direction. I didn’t do it out of hatred or revenge. I did it because I don’t argue in the same way. I would rather be known as a gentle sort of person who tried to get along with everyone, one who didn’t actually talk a lot but usually had something worthwhile to say when he did speak up.  That’s why I started crossbytes. I wanted to be inspirational.

I look at the world and I see all the bitterness and hatred, and I think we’re forgetting the big picture; we’re forgetting that the main thing we need to be doing (in my opinion), is helping our fellow men and women.  We have gotten so engrossed with arguing and hating people with whom we disagree that we no longer see real suffering. If I were the devil (and I have been put into that category a time or too) I wouldn’t worry about raising up some monstrous dictator to wipe the world out with nukes. I would destroy the human race from within. I’d make sure they were so divided about issues or in the case of some churches, doctrines, that they would hate so much on each other that their love would be blunted. They would become divided and fall apart, and like chunks of coal that have been separated from other chunks of coal, just simply die slowly.

I think this is what is happening to us right now. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or Russia or Isis or any Republican or Democrat is not going to be the one to destroy us. We are going to destroy ourselves.

Not many people read my blogs or my writing, but these are the places where I say what’s on my mind. Right now, Carl Rogers is on my mind. Carl Rogers was a psychiatrist who basically said that in argumentation, each side needs to respect the other side’s opinion and try to empathize with them.  The two sides should look for common ground and build on that instead of looking at the differences.

I’m sure I’m a big disappointment to both left wingers and right wingers because I see truth on both sides. Why can’t we build on that? In the meantime, I will add one thing that I think might be controversial.  I think people should be ashamed of the way they are treating other people.

My sermon is finished. I hope you liked it. Just in case you want to purchase one of my books you can go to one of the following two links.  Isn’t that what usually happens after someone preaches. They pass the hat?

Deliver Us from Evil

Walt Michaels Is a Weenie


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