The Cardinals play their first spring training game tomorrow, and I was a little more than thrilled to find out that Fox Midwest is broadcasting it. It’s exciting to look at some of the new players on the team.  Just today the Cardinals signed a Cuban outfielder who was the 2016 MVP of Cuba’s highest professional baseball league.  I think he’ll make the team. I just have the feeling. I have spent at least three hours today reading online baseball articles when I should have  been doing something more constructive like writing or grading papers. Oh, well, baseball season is baseball season, and at least for now, it is the primary thing on my mind.

I do have some other things I can talk  about. I’m in the midst of revising Fall of Knight. I have roughly 36,000 words out of at least 80,000 revised.  The new Fall of Knight is much better than the old one.If I can get it sold, I’ll do two more in the series.  I already have vague ideas of what I might include in them.  As a matter of fact, I have almost all of book two finished, but it will need some heavy revising also. I think they’re good enough to sell, but I’m not the one who decides.  I would like to get an agent if I can. I saw on the news today that there’s a new broadway play called Dear Evan Hansen that has some of the same themes as Fall of Knight.  The play, or maybe just the music, is written by the same team that did La La Land.  Some of the music from the play is already on Youtube. (I haven’t watched La La Land yet. I may be the only person in America who hasn’t.) In query letters, agents always want to hear what your work is like.  Now I can tell them my book covers the same themes as this musical.

These are not the only writing projects I’m tackling.  I want to write a horror screenplay and I finally got the inklings of an idea.  I’m to that stage in the creative process where I am letting my ideas simmer, and I think I have a more specific idea of where the script is going to go. However, I am torn between using a tight structure or writing more from the soul ( I know that sounds corny). I have seen some screenwriting books that say you have to use a tight structure even going so far as to say that certain things should happen on certain pages.  If you don’t believe me, look up Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat. There’s nothing really wrong with this, and there are several screenwriters who are having success with this kind of structure, but this isn’t me.  I want to leave room to discover new things about my characters as I go along.  I’ve read another book that says that you shouldn’t even have a plan.  Just start writing. When I do this, I wind up with a tangled up mess. Sure, it’s liberating, but it isn’t publishable.

I think the truth is somewhere in between. What I decided to do is look through some of these supposed screenplay structures and come up with my own that would give me some structure but also allow creative freedom.  I started out with a 12 point outline, but I have since reduced it to a nine point outline.  I’ll use it to plan out my screenplay.

There’s another publishing avenue I might consider. There’s an independent publisher that I think offers a better deal that Amazon does.  With this publisher, the writer gets higher royalties, and the book is marketed to several places not just Amazon. I have a novel that I can send to them after some revisions I need to make to smooth it out. It’s another book that could have many sequels and prequels. Actually, I have a cover made for it already. I will keep people apprised of what happens there.

I guess the last thing I can talk about is my mental illness.  What I would like to tell everyone is to not give up.  Keep working with your doctor until you find the right mixture of treatments.  Sometimes it’s a long haul, but if you have the patience and a good doctor, you can get better.  I’ve found a new psychiatrist since I moved to the Bluff.  We do our visits via skype, and she takes an entire 30 minutes with me.  We recently made a change in my medication that has improved the way I feel 100%. I am still having issues with sleeping well at night, but she has worked with me to try numerous things to solve this problem.  It’s weird; I usually fall asleep okay, but I awaken very early and the entire time I sleep I have weird dreams.  I told you about my God dream the last blog entry. I haven’t had anything as weird as that lately but nearly every night I dream something.

This is already longer than I meant it to be, and since very few people will read it anyway, I will sign off.  Remember you can still buy my two books on Amazon.


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