a brief update

I’m not sure why I keep writing in here. Maybe, I’m hoping that some people will read it and like it or maybe be inspired.

I just have a couple of things I want to write about today.  This will be more of a shotgun approach with a few pellets fired rather than a rifle approach with one bullet.  How’s that for a metaphor?

First, the Cardinals beat the Mets today 14-11 and are 7-2-1 for the spring.  It has been fun to watch some of their young players who are still one to three years away from the major leagues. The Cardinals have a lot of young talent, and I think they have a bright future. If nothing else, they have some prospects that they can use for trade bait in later deals. I love the spring and the smell of baseball in the air.

Next, I wanted to report that I have revised my novel Fall of Knight, and I have sent off my first query letter to an agent. My hope is that he will take it on.  The one I wrote to is a theater geek.  I love the stage and used to be heavily involved with drama. The novel comes in at 96,000 words which is a little bit longer than I wanted it to be, but I figure it will be easier to cut it if I have to than to add on to it. What I added are some very important scenes to flesh out the plot.

Our grand-daughter and daughter spent a big chunk of the weekend with us.  My grand-daughter is adorable (she’ll be six months old at the end of the month.) Every day she comes up with something new to adore about her.  Her little squeaks and squeals, her smile.  Everyone told me that even though being a parent is wonderful, there’s nothing like being a grandparent. They were absolutely right.  My wife and I keep her through the week while my daughter and her husband work.  We get to see many of the advances she makes first hand.

Well, guess what, I am not going to talk about mental illness today, and that’s mainly because I’m still feeling great under my new meds.

I have two new writing projects I’m going to work on while I let FOK rest.  Then I’ll come back to it in a week or so and begin some editing on it. I have a novel I’d like to rework, and I have a screenplay I want to do.  Either project is going to be fun I think.  The screenplay is my first attempt at a low-budget horror film.

Well, that’s about it until the next time.


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