Light at the End

I’m excited. You can now buy Light at the End in  five different places: Kobo, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Barnes and Nobel. It’s a screenplay, but of course, when it is converted to an ebook it loses some of its formatting, but it is still an easy (I don’t mean that the subject matter is easy – quite the opposite) read.  I’ve looked it over in a couple of places where it’s been published and it looks good.

I’m interested in seeing how this works out. The screenplay is a hardcore look at bullying, and it covers such issues as suicide, mental illness, and homophobia. There’s also a school shooting involved.  If you are thinking about purchasing it, let me warn you that as a movie, it would be rated R for language and violence.  It isn’t a pretty story, but it’s a story that I think desperately needs to be told. Just keep in mind that I was really angry about a lot of issues when I wrote it.  I hate the bullying and harassment that people who do not live the same lifestyle as others or who are different get. I have been bullied just because I’m a little strange, but part of the reason I’m strange is because I have bipolar disorder.

I’ve priced it at $2.99. I hope that isn’t too high.  It is a fast read even if it  will be uncomfortable for some.  In the next few days, I’ll post the links that I can post to the book, and you can check it out for yourself. In a couple of places, iTuns and Amazon, I think, you can look at just a sample if you wish.

Well, that’s about it for now.  Pleasant dreams everyone.

Popularity is not required for success. Belief in self and perseverance in realizing your vision of who you might be are.



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