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Guaranteed to blow your mind!

Coming in the spring of 2015.
Fall of Knight
By Steven M. Cross

Why is Dean Knight suddenly seeing his dead father? Does it have anything to do with the fact that he and his mom and twin sister Dee have moved to a small cottage right next the the river where Dean’s father supposedly drowned? And why have the voices in his head started talking more?

These are the questions Dean must answer as he makes a new start – he hopes – in a new place with new friends. Things begin well when he meets a girl Ella – but then there’s the girl’s brother Roger, the typical kind of jock who has bullied Dean throughout his life, bringing him to the brink of suicide on more than one occasion.

Dean gets a lucky break when Roger appears to like Dee, Dean’s twin. Things are calm … Dean even finds a new friend, someone with the same likes as he has, someone he can actually talk to. Looming on the horizon is the annual end of summer river party. Dean looks forward to being there with his girlfriend and his new best friend. Little does he know that the events of that night will change his life forever.


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